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Thank you for joining us in reading Ulysses!

1. IP and Copyright: By using this site, you're agreeing to place content you author on this site (annotations and comments) under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. This is a Creative Commons (CC) license that lets people reuse and build on your work as long as

  • they credit you by your username (BY),
  • don't use your work to make money (NC), and
  • apply the same CC license to whatever they make using your work (SA).

This license protects your work so that only you can make money off it, but also lets researchers, artists, and others build off this site. Read more about IP, copyright, and reuse/remix on this site.

2. Moderation and behavior: The site creator retains the right to make private or delete any annotations deemed abusive, wildly off-topic, spam, or for any other reason, as well as the right to edit annotations for clarity. Users should be civil and welcoming to one another, and abrasive, inflammatory, or trolling behavior are grounds for banning.

3. Data policy: The site creator can make no promise as to the preservation/permanence of any annotations or comments added on this site, but will do her best to protect user data via scheduled, automated site backups. Eventually, I hope to add a button allowing users to export their annotations as a CSV file. Note that an RSS feed of all site annotations can currently be found and followed at InfiniteUlysses.com/all-annotations-feed. In the event that the site needs to be rendered static (i.e. made read-only, with no new annotating) or shut down, the site creator will contact all users via the email used in their use profiles at least a month prior to the read-only or shut-down date, offering an export of all their annotations and comments.

4. You can delete your account at any time by emailing the word "delete" to infiniteulysses@gmail.com. Annotations from deleted accounts will be kept (except now they'll be shown as authored by "anonymous" rather than your username), unless you request otherwise.

You can always reach us using the "Contact" link in the header with any questions, concerns, bugs, or feature requests. Happy reading!