Proteus Comic

Infinite Ulysses partners with Ulysses "Seen"—a thoughtful, visually rich interpretation of Ulysses via digital comic—to bring Joyce's amazing novel to more readers. Future plans for our collaboration include easy links between passages in the book and panels of the online comic. For this Bloomsday 2015, we're excited to share the drafts of Ulysses' "Proteus" episode (episode 3) in comic form!

Use the slideshow to move through the draft panels for Ulysses "Seen"'s "Proteus" episode, and read below for more information on the process involved in this exciting work!

Storyboards and initial page design are by Rob Berry, with Clinton Cahill turning these into fair-copy pencil drafts. Amanda Sigler was a consultant for creating a classroom-friendly comic. Inking will be by Berry and Cahill, with colors and scenery painted by Dan Pipito. Amanda Visconti set up the slideshow.

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