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This site was created by Amanda Visconti, but this project wouldn't be possible without the support and generosity of many people (drawing by Rob Berry of the wonderful Ulysses Seen comic):


You're already contributing to the site just by being here, and even more so when you add, tag, and rate annotations on the text—thank you! This site depends on its community of readers and the annotations they create and share.


The Text

This site builds off the digital plaintext transcription of the 1922 first printing of Ulysses, transcribed by Matthew Kochis and Patrick Belk with the Modernist Versions Project (MVP) and offered for public reuse by the MVP under a CC BY SA license. I've added transcription-error corrections, regex formatting replacements, and HTML/CSS for important typographical choices used in the 1922 first printing of the novel (as verified against the Modernist Versions Project's digital images of the printing). You can read a full log of my corrections and changes on this page about the text of the novel, or grab the text for your own use (under CC BY SA requirements) in this repository.

Joyce scholars Hans Walter Gabler and Ronan Crowley have also been extremely helpful via conversations about improving textual reliability and future options for versioning on the site.

The Functionality



To read more about the provenance of the various code/design pieces of Infinite Ulysses, check out the public code repo README.

Other support, encouragement, etc.

(in no particular order and probably forgetting someone awesome)

  • My dissertation committee—Drs. Matthew Kirschenbaum (Advisor/Chair), Neil Fraistat, Melanie Kill, Kari Kraus, and Brian Richardson—who met with me as a team throughout the dissertation to provide feedback and help me shape this unique dissertational format
  • Dr. Paul Conway for advising my master's research (which prepared me for this project)
  • Drs. Paul Conway, Kari Kraus, Matthew Kirschenbaum, and Neil Fraistat for introducing me to the digital humanities via the IMLS Model Digital Humanities grant and incredible mentorship
  • The University of Maryland English Department and its Graduate Office, the Graduate School, and the UMD Digital Repository, for their willingness to learn about my project and support its unique format.
  • MITH and its amazing staff—not only for funding, but as my main place to learn with other digital humanists
  • Drs. Matthew Huculak, Stephen Ross, Dean Irvine, Hans Gabler for discussions and ideas about Joyce and digital editions/archives
  • Alan Stanley for extensive technical help working with Islandora and EMiC's in-development scholarly editing modules
  • The Ulysses Seen team for conversations and help with long-term planning for the site.
  • Dr. Chris Quintana for mentoring me in an independent study where I designed the earliest version of this project (