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An explanation of copyrights and other licensing active on the site:

All annotations and comments on the site (including yours)

All annotations and comments on the site (including yours) are put under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license immediately on publication. The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license states that

  • content can be reused non-commercially
  • as long the author is attributed (username and link to http://www.infiniteulysses.com) and
  • as long as the reused content carries the same CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license

This licensing was chosen to encourage creative reuse and frequent citation of the conversation around Ulysses, while protecting users from seeing their writing reused for someone else's commercial gain.

Note that you, as the creator of your content (comments and annotations) retain the right to use other additional licenses on it; for example, you may add an additional license that allows people who pay you to use your content for commercial purposes. Read more about additional licensing here.

You have the right to unpublish your content from the site (that is, make it unviewable by anyone except the researcher) or to have your content moved to a different username of your creation (e.g. one not associated with your real-life persona). Note that any unpublished data will remain in the private dataset I'm analyzing for research purposes, but will never be made individually viewable (only used in aggregated form with the rest of the dataset). Also note that anything posted publicly but later unpublished may have been seen by someone else before its depublication and used according to the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license discussed above; if you wish this content to no longer be used, it is your responsibility to contact any such person using it. See the Data Plan page for more information on how I'm protecting your data.

Original content

Never post anything written by someone other than yourself (e.g. don't copy stuff from some Ulysses helper book onto the site) unless you have received permission from that copyright holder to do so. Anything that seems to be plagiarizing or duplicating another's writing will be removed from the site. It is okay to cite small phrases or ideas suggested by others (following fair use guidelines you'd follow in, for example, an academic journal article), but these must be short, infrequent (i.e. don't go through a Ulysses helper book and post a bunch of short bits to the site), and include attribution to the author in the annotation. For example:

"Some note about Christian imagery in the text. I got this idea after reading Harry Blamires' Bloomsday book (what page, if known)"


"You'll notice a lot of Christian imagery in this chapter; for example, x, y, and the three ship masts spotted at the end of the chapter (Harry Blamires' Bloomsday Book; see page z for analogy of the three ships to the three aspects of the Christian god)"

Of course, some ideas about the text will occur to multiple people on their own, and/or are generic enough that citation doesn't make sense (e.g. I don't think we need to cite anyone to point out that there are allusions to the Odyssey throughout the book). Use good judgement and contact me using the link in the header—or ask about a given annotation by commenting on it—if you have any questions. When in doubt, give credit to someone who suggested the idea to you, even if what you're writing builds on that idea.

Content pages (all site pages authored by Amanda Visconti, such as this one)

Such pages are also licensed CC BY-NC-SA 3.0The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license states that

  • content can be reused non-commercially
  • as long the author is attributed (username) and
  • as long as the reused content carries the same CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license

You're welcome to reuse and build on my content as long as you do so non-commercially, with a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license on your reused content, and attribute the content to Amanda Visconti with a link back to this site.

The text of Ulysses used on this site

Short story: the text of Ulysses on this site is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 attributing the Modernist Versions Project, Patrick Belk, Matthew Kochis, and Amanda Visconti. See The Text for full details on the text of Ulysses used on this site.

This site itself (the code and design)

Please see the project's GitHub repository, which will eventually have full details on provenance and licensing for the different technical pieces of this site.

The name "Infinite Ulysses"

I'm reserving rights to the "Infinite Ulysses" name as far as they already legally apply. Reasoning: not wanting to see other websites/projects use the same name. Mentioning, discussing, using in titles of blog posts, etc. are all fine!