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Annotation author: wvarga7a1
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Why “yes” so many times? The series may be interpreted as Molly “is coming,” she is masturbating at the end of her monologue, Penelope, and thus, she fulfills the phrophecy made by Malachi Mulligan in Scylla & Charybdis: the novel has become “a national immorality in three orgasms.” Part I of Ulysses ends with Stephen about to masturbate at the conclusion of his monologue, Proteus: he will come (future) just off scene. Part II shows Bloom has masturbated (past), he has come, by when the reader recognizes him in Nausicaa after which Bloom continues with his monologue. Part III concludes with Molly masturbating (present) before the reader, she is coming. See Fionnula Flanagan, 1985 Joyce's Women (9:33, nudity, masturbation mature video) at: