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Some resources for learning more about Ulysses and James Joyce. More links to come after my dissertation defense is over!

Joycean reading

  • The James Joyce Checklist
  • The James Joyce Quarterly
  • The James Joyce Collection at the University of Buffalo: "Comprising more than 10,000 pages of the author’s working papers, notebooks, manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, portraits, publishing records, important memorabilia and ephemeral material, as well as Joyce’s private library and the complete body of significant Joyce criticism"
  • The James Joyce Centre
  • Open Joyce: collection of free Joyce resources
  • James Joyce Online Notes: "An open-access journal that focuses on the people, the words, and other cultural references in Ulysses and the earlier works. It hopes to contribute to the reader's task of learning to become Joyce's contemporary."
  • A Ulysses concordance: Find all occurences of a given word in Ulysses, and get a list of words used in Ulysses by order of frequency. Based on the Project Gutenberg e-text.
  • Modernist Versions Project: An effort to produce reliable, reusable texts of Modernist works. Infinite Ulysses uses the MVP's digital transcription of the first printing of the novel.
  • The James Joyce Text Machine

Ulysses multimedia

  • Joyce Images: Photographs and other visual resources for each of the novel's episodes
  • Ulysses Seen: A thoughtful, beautifully drawn web and app comic version of the novel creating an entirely new way to experience the text. Ulysses Seen and Infinite Ulysses have plans to partner and interlink text annotations with pages of the comic!
  • The Rosenbach Museum: home of an early Ulysses manuscript, with frequent events aimed at public engagement and yearly Bloomsday festivities (Join us this June 16, 2015! Plans for an Infinite Ulysses presentation and/or museum installation are in the works.)