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Young shouts of moneyed voices in Clive Kempthorpe's rooms.
Here Buck professes a readiness to abuse Haines if it will please Stephen. Stephen never went to Oxford and never met Clive Kempthorpe, but Buck did. Earlier Buck flattered Stephen, speaking from experience: "You have the real Oxford manner." Buck and Haines likely met at Oxford. Buck has previously told Stephen the story of Clive Kempthorpe's brutal hazing there, and he may well have participated in that ugly event. Stephen's ability to visualize the story he's heard second- or third-hand, populating it with rich detail ― including the presence of a deaf gardener outside (probably his Matthew Arnold face is intended to help fix the scene at Oxford) ― is remarkable. (Note that Arnold's 1860 work, On Translating Homer, might alone boost his significance to Joyce.)