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Annotation author: Apathetic Star
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Prrprr.      Must be the bur.      Fff. Oo. Rrpr.      Nations of the earth. No-one behind. She’s passed. Then and not till then. Tram. Kran, kran, kran. Good oppor. Coming. Krandlkrankran. I’m sure it’s the burgund. Yes. One, two. Let my epitaph be. Kraaaaaaaa. Written. I have. Pprrpffrrppfff.      Done
This narrates Bloom farting just a little bit ("Pprrp. Fff. Oo."), making sure the lady behind him didn't hear, and deciding to hold it in until the "Kran kran kran" of the upcoming tram offers "a good oppor"[tunity] to cover it with a loud noise. When it brakes ("Krraaaaaaa") he lets loose ("PPrrrpprrfffprrff"). This chapter, "Sirens," is the music chapter, so ending it with Bloom's windy instrument is not only funny but thematically appropriate.